North Carolina – In laws trip

Alright well this happened nearly a year ago but we did go to North Carolina to visit his mom and stepfather and his brother.  It’s a crazyyyyyyyyyy long drive from here in Ontario let me tell you! But with that being said I didn’t want to drive over there. After being on the highways there in North carolina (which let me say of all the states i’ve been to recently or drove through. This was the worst) I can see why his mom avoided learning to drive there for a while.


So the main reason was to see his brother’s Grad which we attended once we got there.



After that we had to do some Merica’n things of course

Here’s my shooting paper after the ex marine was showing me how to use the S&W.

I’d say you should all take a step back now. hahahahaa.


And I wanted to do some R&R so we drove down to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach


And as you can see BB got to try out grass for the first time .

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Well my Baby turned one .. and i’m so behind on blogging shes almost 2 now !


But I do have a fantastic photographer, so just because of that  Here is a few very late photos of her photo shoot.  We had to make it look like she wanted to touch the cake. She really didn’t and mommy is quite proud of her first attempt at a Smash cake! It wasn’t perfect but looked ok in photos along with the ‘ONE’ Banner I made her.


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I really suck at updating

Seems I’ve let this go like 10 months. Where did the time go?

I’ve still been KM’ing my house . It’s done but still getting rid of more and more.
I guess that’s a good thing as we might move again for his job. YES AGAIN. Back to where we were … ugh..

Trying to find BB some good quality wooden toys as well more thinking less flash and buttons.

We love Elmo, Sesame street , Blues Clues and her Cantonese. Basically the only TV mommy allows with the odd exception from time to time like the movie UP, which she LOVES because of the talking dogs.

She’s in LOVE with Puppies and Fishies . (We have a dog and several Guppies . Ours had babies. and I’ve graduated to 2 tanks. )

Let me update you on a few BB photos and a few more posts on things in a bit.

This is my beautiful Elizabella at 9 months

10 months. Helping mamama of course with her Diapers. We use cloth most of the time.

We’ve been working on the potty since 10 ish months
She isn’t by any means toilet trained but she does sometimes tell me SSSS when she needs to go. Sometimes.. not always lol

11 Months her and her “puppy”

This month we also stated Swim lessons. We still aren’t a huge fan of water in our face.

This is also the month our obsession started with Shoes and Hats

Soon to update a year and beyond as well as some other things .
I’ve missed posting!


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Moved and still busy

Well I’m Finally moved I may update you with some photos later but for now my place is a mess.

Been unpacking and purging like a crazy person.

I have WAY too much stuff. Babies / kids unfortunately intensify having “Stuff”.

I should be able to start blogging a bit more soon since Most is done.

Here’s a few of the things I hate so far about this city:

Roads closed everywhere

Roads that are not in a grid , all of them are all over the place with no rhyme or reason.

Traffic . WHY?

Selling stuff is impossible here

Dog still isn’t house trained again

Friends are far now.

Price matching isn’t as great



Things I like:



Fresh air

I live close to my cousin

45 mins closer to my family


New years has come and gone I meant to finish this post before then  but I have ordered the

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De cluttering and Organizing


and plan on implementing this , this year

Upon moving I realised I have WAYYYYYYYYYY too much stuff.

And hate the amount of stuff I have.

I can not wait for the book to come on Tuesday I’ve already started purging (again) based on just the notion on if something gives me Joy and/or I need it.


You can preview the ideas here

Just cut 1/3 of my coats down and 1/4 of my shoes .. BAM gone. it will be interesting once the book gets here and after I have read it to re evaluate things.



In other News B is getting so big . She’s 7 months now and eating lots of baby food .


11140014_733668756733344_7443474155157673803_n 12313517_732596223507264_5635235688614666489_n 12316100_732598496840370_6358962471338051464_n _DSC7361


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Moving SOON

So we are moving out of the GTA  area.

I will miss the GTA greatly but its just not logical to stay here for us as housing prices are so far out to lunch us a average Canadians can never afford to buy a place. So hubby’s job

so time to leave.

I will have to commute back and forth in April until I decide what I want to do.

So other than leaving my friends i’ve made (sad) and area I like. There is some good points.

We are leaving a BASEMENT apartment with TINY windows (not good for anyone) and creepy crawlers.

I will miss free laundry and AC.

No bathtub here either.

When looking for an apartment I sacrificed space for location. I didn’t want to be in a bad area with our budget so a bit smaller living space was better. Nice safe feeling area and Dog friendly. Very close to the YMCA too for baby’s soon to be swimming lessons.

We are moving into an apartment 2nd floor that has a bathtub (will need this for baby soon) I CAN NOT WAIT for a hot bath its been over a year of just a shower.

WINDOWS , SUNLIGHT, FRESH AIR.  I get to have plants again.

The whole apartment will be newly renovated. NO carpet, New hardwood , ceramic, new stove, new cupboards, small balcony (mmmm I can’t wait to enjoy my coffee on it..or by it since it will be cold by then)

We are 1 door from the laundry room.

No AC will need this still.

But Close parking.

Renovations in Progress 😀

 IMG_20151109_154403 IMG_20151109_154314 IMG_20151109_154326 IMG_20151109_154355 IMG_20151109_154359

In other news I RE fractured my Toe and then Nash stepped on it.. 😦


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Happy Halloween


This is my Bibi’s first Halloween 🙂

She was getting grumpy in that photo but sure made a cute picture!!

We brought the dog too and she has a skunk costume.

Today we went over to a friends house to visit and see other babies.

She’s never seen so many kids and was entertained the whole time.

other than that not too much Hubby is working and baby is passed out for a much needed nap

I thought I would post a few of our photos we have got back from our photographer (but we are still waiting on more).

12042849_554236651396121_1679315516567474777_nr a

11202431_553984228088030_4170310898916745384_n (1)

Also since I stole the car today I picked her up a few things.

PJ’s for next year


and a cute little bib. I couldn’t resist



You can find us on facebook and more here:

and Here:

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Month 5

Yup we’re in Month 5 and soon 6

I’m going to have to jump a bit around with a few things I miss here and there but at least its my “kinda” catching up

I can not BELIEVE how fast it has flown.

I love that my bibi is a bibi . Do not want her to grow 😦


We have been trying new foods and learning new things here is a few of the food photos 🙂

We haven’t found anything she doesn’t like yet shes 17lb and clearly likes to eat!!

so far we have had rice and oat cereal, banana, pear, carrot and squash.

First solid Oat cereal




And Pear. ( and yes I get silly faces everything we try.)12191397_721737904593096_5800586569506286073_n

You can find us on facebook and more here:

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